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(A) Advisory Board, (S) Spaekers, (T) TIME Magazine
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The Future of Lifespeakers
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spacing graphic This list includes members of the Advisory Board (A) and Speakers (S).
More speakers will be added during the coming months.
Editors from TIME Magazine (T) will be attending the conference.
Click on photos for bios, and visit our bookstore to find books by these speakers.
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James Watson spacing graphic James Watson
Nobel Laureate,
& President, Cold Spring
Harbor Laboratory (A) (S)
Muin J. Khoury Muin J. Khoury
Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (S)
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David W. Beier David W. Beier
Hogan & Hartson, L.L.P. (S)
Michael Kinsley spacing graphic Michael Kinsley
Founding Editor, Slate (S)
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Stewart Brand Stewart Brand
Co-founder, All Species Inventory
Co-founder, Global Business Network (S)
Jeffrey Kluger Jeffrey Kluger
Senior Writer,
TIME Magazine
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Donald M. Bruce Donald M. Bruce
Director, The Society,
Religion and Technology
Project, Church of Scotland (A) (S)
Bartha M. Knoppers Bartha M. Knoppers
Professor of Law,
University of Montreal
(A) (S)
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G. Steven Burrill G. Steven Burrill
Chief Executive Officer,
Burrill and Company (S)
Robert Krulwich Robert Krulwich
Network Correspondent,
ABC News (S)
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Daniel Callahan Daniel Callahan
Director of International Programs,
The Hastings Center (S)
Raymond C. Kurzweil Raymond C. Kurzweil
Chairman and CEO,
Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.
(A) (S)
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Richard H. Carmona Vice Admiral Richard H. Carmona
Surgeon General, United States of America
Commander, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (S)
Jaron Lanier Jaron Lanier
Chief Scientist,
Advanced Network
and Services, Inc. (A) (S)
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Gary A. Cohen Gary A. Cohen
Vice President,
Ethics & Corporate Responsibility
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (S)
Michael D. Lemonick Michael D. Lemonick
Senior Writer,
TIME Magazine
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Francis S. Collins Francis S. Collins
Director, National Human Genome Research Institute
National Institutes of Health (S)
Edison Liu Edison Liu
Executive Director,
The Genome Institute
of Singapore (A) (S)
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Catherine Crier Catherine Crier
Court TV, and Author, The Case Against Lawyers (S)
James S. Logan James S. Logan
Medical Informatics and Health Care Systems
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Stan Davis Stan Davis
Author and Consultant (S)
Thomas Lovejoy Thomas Lovejoy
The H. John Heinz III Center for Science,
Economics and the Environment (S)
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Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins
Simonyi Professor
For The Public
Understanding of Science,
University of Oxford (A) (S)
Terry McCarthy Terry McCarthy
Los Angeles Bureau Chief,
TIME Magazine (T)
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Phil Elmer-De Witt Phil Elmer-De Witt
Senior Science Editor,
TIME Magazine
Ralph Merkle Ralph Merkle
Vice President,
Technology Assessment
Foresight Institute (S)
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Q. Todd Dickinson Q. Todd Dickinson
Howrey Simon Arnold & White
Intellectual Property Practice Group (S)
Christopher Meyer Christopher Meyer
Vice President, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Director, Center for Business Innovation
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Andrea Dorfman Andrea Dorfman
Science Correspondent,
TIME Magazine (T)
Marc Van Montagu Marc Van Montagu
Chair, Institute of Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries (IPBO)
Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Ghent, Belgium (S)
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Juan Enriquez Juan Enriquez
Director, Life Sciences Project,
Harvard Business School
(A) (S)
Kate H. Murashige Kate H. Murashige
Partner, Morrison & Foerster
Co-chair, Patent Group (S)
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Carl B. Feldbaum Carl B. Feldbaum
Biotechnology Industry Organization (S)
Eileen Naughton
Conference Host
President, TIME Magazine
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John Gage John Gage
Chief Researcher and Director of the Science Office,
Sun Microsystems, Inc. (S)
Alice Park Alice Park
Senior Reporter,
TIME Magazine
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John Gearhart John Gearhart
C. Michael Armstrong
Professor of Medicine,
Institute of Cell Engineering,
Johns Hopkins Medicine (A) (S)
Ryan Phelan Ryan Phelan
All Species Foundation (S)
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Paul Gelsinger Paul Gelsinger
Vice President,
Ingo Kelly Ingo Potrykus
Emeritus of Plant Sciences,
Institute of Plant Science
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) (S)
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Nancy Gibbs Nancy Gibbs
TIME Magazine
Matt Ridley Matt Ridley
The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters (S)
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Alfonso G&243;mez-Lobo Alfonso Gómez-Lobo
Ryan Professor of Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy, Georgetown University
Member, President's Council on Bioethics (S)
Paul Saffo Paul Saffo
Director and Roy Amara Fellow,
Institute for the Future (S)
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Christine Gorman Christine Gorman
Senior Writer,
TIME Magazine
Cynthia P. Schneider Ambassador Cynthia P. Schneider
Associate Professor,
Art History
Georgetown University (S)
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Baroness Susan Greenfield Baroness Susan Greenfield
Director, The Royal Institution
of Great Britain (A) (S)
Robert J. Semper Robert J. Semper
Executive Associate Director,
Exploratorium (S)
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Brian Halweil Brian Halweil
Senior Researcher,
The Worldwatch Institute (S)
Vandana Shiva Vandana Shiva
Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (S)
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Dean H. Hamer Dean H. Hamer
Chief, Gene Structure
and Regulation Section,
Laboratory of Biochemistry,
National Cancer Institute (A) (S)
Greg Simon Greg Simon
Infotech Strategies (S)
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Nancy Hopkins Nancy Hopkins
Amgen, Inc. Professor of Molecular Biology,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (S)
Larry Smarr Larry Smarr
Director, California Institute
of Telecommunications
and Information Technology (A) (S)
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Gengxi Hu Gengxi Hu
Professor, Chinese Academy
of Sciences Institute of
Biochemistry and Cell Biology,
& CEO, Shanghai Health Digit Ltd. (A) (S)
Hamilton O. Smith Hamilton Smith
Nobel Laureate & Scientific Director,
Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives (IBEA)
(A) (S)
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Bill Joy Bill Joy
Chief Scientist and
Corporate Executive Officer,
Sun Microsystems, Inc. (S)
Rick Smolan Rick Smolan
Against All Odds (S)
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Steve Jurvetson Steve Jurvetson
Managing Director,
Draper Fisher Jurvetson
(A) (S)
Rudolph Tanzi Rudolph Tanzi
Professor of Neurology, Harvard
Medical School, & Director,
Genetics and Aging Research Unit,
Massachusetts General Hospital (A) (S)
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Kalev Kask Kalev Kask
Chief Executive Officer,
EGeen International Corp.
(Estonian Gene Bank Project) (S)
Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper
USMC (Ret.) (S)
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Caroline Kovac Caroline Kovac
General Manager,
IBM Life Sciences (S)
Craig Venter Craig Venter
The Center for the Advancement of Genomics (S)
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James Kelly James Kelly
Conference Host
Managing Editor, TIME Magazine
Edward O. Wilson Edward O. Wilson
Pulitzer Prize-winning Author, Pellegrino
University Research Professor & Honorary
Curator in Entomology of the Museum of
Comparative Zoology, Harvard University (A) (S)
spacing graphic
Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly
Wired Magazine (WIRED) (S)
Wise Young Wise Young
Director, WM Keck
Center for Collaborative Neuroscience,
Rutgers University (A) (S)
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David Kessler David Kessler
Dean, School of Medicine,
Yale University
Raymond A. Zilinskas Raymond A. Zilinskas
Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program,
Center for Nonproliferation Studies,
Monterey Institute of International Studies (S)
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Recently Added Speakers
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Jonathan Glover Jonathan Glover
Professor of Ethics,
King's College
University of London (S)
Michael Specter Michael Specter
The New Yorker (S)
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Leroy Hood Leroy Hood
President and Director,
The Institute for Systems Biology (S)
Nancy Wexler Nancy Wexler
Higgins Professor of Neuropsychology,
Columbia University (S)
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Maykin Ho Maykin Ho
Managing Director,
Goldman Sachs (S)
Howard A. Zucker Howard A. Zucker
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (S)
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Margot Roosevelt Margot Roosevelt
National Correspondent,
TIME Magazine (T)
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